Who are IANZ?

IANZ is New Zealand’s premier accreditation body. An organisation that holds IANZ accreditation can have confidence in its processes and thereby provide assurance to its customers and clients.

IANZ is part of the  Accreditation Council an autonomous Crown entity established in 1972. IANZ is a full signatory member of the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC) and the regional body, Asia Pacific  Accreditation Cooperation (APAC).

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Protecting and enhancing New Zealand trade

IANZ works closely with government agencies in the development of international trading opportunities for New Zealand exporters. Input on technical aspects of policy and standards is provided to assist Government with international trade development.

International Role

IANZ is active in the global and regional networks of accreditation authorities. It plays a major role at all levels to support New Zealand trade.

Reports from IANZ accredited laboratories and inspection bodies are recognised throughout the world by regulators in countries where accreditation authorities are signatories to the ILAC or APAC Mutual Recognition Arrangements (MRA). Accreditation authorities in over 65 countries currently participate in the Arrangement. The Arrangement ensures test, calibration and inspection reports from IANZ accredited organisations meet the required international standards and avoids the need for expensive re-testing and re-certification. In turn, accredited reports from these other countries are recognised in New Zealand.

Definition of accreditation

Accreditation means formal recognition that an organisation has been independently assessed by an authoritative accreditation body in five key areas:

  • Competence and experience of staff
  • Integrity and traceability of equipment and materials
  • Technical validity of methods
  • Validity and suitability of results
  • Compliance with appropriate management systems standards and found to be competent to carry out its services in a professional, reliable and efficient manner

Accredited organisations are entitled to issue certificates of compliance. These certificates may take the form of test or inspection reports – as is the case for IANZ accredited laboratories, inspection bodies and radiology services.

Operating Standards

To operate as an accreditation authority, IANZ complies with ISO/IEC 17011 Conformity Assessment – General Requirements for Accreditation Bodies Accrediting Conformity Assessment Bodies standard. It also meets the requirements of the Asia Pacific Accreditation Cooperation (APAC) and those of ILAC.


Key Public Policies

Health & Safety Policy

Impartiality Policy