Accreditation: What’s In It For Me?

Accreditation by IANZ gives you added assurance your organisation is performing in a professional and technically reliable way in accordance with international standards.

When full compliance with the accreditation criteria is achieved, the organisation is formally accredited by IANZ and may then be referred to as an Accredited Laboratory, Accredited Radiology Service, Accredited Inspection Body, or Accredited Calibration Laboratory.

The assessment process provides interaction with technical peers when the organisation is assessed by a team of independent technical experts accompanied by an IANZ assessor. Technical experts are selected for their personal expertise in the specific field involved.

IANZ encourages accredited organisations to make reference to their accreditation in reports, certificates or other documents. A report carrying the IANZ accreditation logo is referred to as an IANZ endorsed report. Such endorsed reports enjoy wide acceptance in New Zealand and overseas through a network of formal mutual recognition arrangements between IANZ and overseas equivalents.

Why seek accreditation

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