Advisory Committees

IANZ  operates to a structure that maintains the highest possible standards for it’s accreditation process.Highly qualified people from industry, technical, commercial, regulatory, healthcare and administrative sectors are involved as members of the Council and advisory committees. Each accreditation programme has it’s own Professional Advisory Committee, the chairs of which form the Accreditation Advisory Committee.

Accreditation Advisory Committee (AAC)
The AAC comprises the chairpersons of the various Professional Advisory Committees. Members are knowledgable and experienced in management of the types of bodies they represent and are aware of internationally recognised criteria for the accreditation of such bodies.

The AAC is an independent expert body that liaises with, and reports back to, New Zealand’s technical professional community. It reviews the generic criteria for accreditation and other developments in technical professional service standards, and ensures consistency throughout all fields of accreditation. It adjudicates on any appeals arising from IANZ accreditation services.

Accreditation Advisory Committee (AAC) list

Professional Advisory Committee (PAC) list