How Does Fisher & Paykel's Partnership With IANZ Help Their Export Ambitions ?

July 21, 2020

As far as notable brands go, it doesn’t get much more ‘Kiwi’ than Fisher & Paykel. Their range of domestic refrigeration products are exported around the world and IANZ helps smooth the way. Take a look behind the scenes at Fisher & Paykel and hear first-hand how their partnership with IANZ helps their export ambitions.

Driven by a pioneering spirit, passion for innovation and exceptional design standards, Fisher & Paykel’s range of domestic refrigeration products are exported to a number of countries and must meet stringent international standards. From energy consumption ratings to optimal performance, every person who opens a Fisher & Paykel fridge to grab a snack can be assured they are up to standard.

IANZ accreditation smooths the way for Fisher & Paykel to take their products to the world, with annual assessments undertaken by experts to ensure their people and processes are meeting every standard required, while taking a collaborative approach with their team to look at areas for refinement or efficiency.

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