CE Mark

IANZ is the New Zealand Designating Authority for CE Marking for testing laboratories and inspection bodies under a New Zealand Government Agreement with the European Union for Mutual Recognition of Conformity Assessment (NZ/EU MRA) – for CE marking.  However, IANZ is unable at this time to refer enquirers to IANZ accredited facilities as no laboratories or inspection bodies currently have CE marking included in their scope of accreditation.CE (European Conformity) marking is generally required for products being traded within Europe. Essentially, the mark indicates that a product conforms to the essential requirements for safety, public health and consumer protection requirements imposed by European Directives. The CE Mark is a safety rather than a quality mark and is a mandatory requirement for various types of products.

Conformity Assessment Bodies

It is necessary to satisfy CE Marking requirements before the products can be legally sold on the European market. An independent Conformity Assessment Body (CAB) may need to confirm that requirements are met. A CAB is designated as such by a Designated Authority (see section below) established by the New Zealand Government under an Agreement with the European Union. This Agreement enables the testing, inspection and certification for CE marking to be done in New Zealand and the results accepted in Europe.

NZ Designating Authorities

Under the Agreement with the European Union, the New Zealand Designating Authorities are:

  • International Accreditation New Zealand: Testing laboratories and inspection bodies
  • Ministry of Health: Medical devices and human pharmaceuticals
  • Joint Accreditation System for Australia and New Zealand (JAS-ANZ): Systems and product certification management

Of the more than twenty existing directives, the following six currently comprise the NZ-EU MRA Agreement:

  • Low Voltage
  • Simple Pressure Vessels
  • Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
  • Machinery
  • Radio Equipment and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment
  • Medical Devices

The Medical Devices directive is administered by Medsafe – a division of the Ministry of Health.

IANZ administers the directives for Low Voltage, EMC, Simple Pressure Vessels, Machinery, and Radio Equipment and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment.  However, as noted previously IANZ is unable to refer enquirers to IANZ accredited facilities as no laboratories or inspection bodies currently have CE marking included in their scope of accreditation.

Further Information

 General information on CE marking:  CE Marking  UK Government CE Marking Guidance

Searching Directives and Legislation

It is essential to identify which of the EU directives apply to the product to be CE marked, as more than one directive may apply. Consultants with experience in CE marking may be helpful or careful discussion with the agent in the importing country may provide the required information. Contacting a facility (notified body) that performs CE marking for the required directives may also be a helpful approach.

Directives relating to the above products (along with various other product groups) may be selected from the EU website Directives

Verify your requirements by selecting your product group to establish whether there is a requirement to involve a notified body. (Notified Bodies (NBs) are the only recognised third party bodies that can carry out a conformity assessments laid down in the relevant harmonised European standards.)

To search for a notified body on the Nando (New Approach Notified and Designated Organisations Information System) that can offer CE marking for specific legislation, select the relevant Legislation and select from the search criteria provided. (these may then be sorted by country)

Alternatively, if wishing to determine whether CE marking to a specific directive is offered by a notified body of a particular country, select the country then the required legislation.  Details of the notified body may then be accessed, along with information on both legislation and products.