IANZ works closely with the Ministry of Primary Health and the Ministry of Health to develop and implement appropriate inspection standards of conformance in the New Zealand food industry. Following are details of the food inspection programmes in which IANZ is involved.

Verification Agency

The Verification Agency, a division within MPI, employs veterinarians to inspect meat, dairy, seafoods and other animal products and provide export certification of products.


MPI has an official assurance programme for organic products, for domestic and for export and import. This includes growers/producers (inputs, such as fertiliser and pest control), packing houses and processors.

Third Party Agencies that are accredited by IANZ to AS/NZS ISO/IEC 17020 and to supplementary criteria set by MPI are recognised by MPI to certify organic products.

Drinking water supply

Drinking water supplies servicing 5,000 people or more are required to meet the requirements of the Health (Drinking Water) Amendment Act 2007. Any water supply where some treatment is implemented comes within the Act. Territorial Authorities or associated bodies, and District Health Boards are large suppliers; smaller suppliers include schools, prisons, maraes, etc.

Drinking water assessors are appointed by the Director-General of Health and are required to be accredited to internationally accepted standards for inspection bodies, whose functions include the assessment of the performance of drinking-water suppliers to determine they:

  • Comply with the Standard
  • Implement public health risk management plans.

NB. This Act also requires laboratories that test and analyse raw water and drinking water to be registered under the Testing Laboratories Registration Act and are accredited by IANZ to NZS ISO/IEC 17025. See more here