Test and inspection reports from IANZ accredited laboratories and inspection bodies are now able to be accepted in sixty five countries as of August 2012.  Through the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC) Mutual Recognition Arrangement (MRA), signatory accreditation bodies are obliged to accept such reports on the same basis as if they had been from accredited organisations in their economy.  Accreditation bodies also promote the acceptance of such reports to regulators and specifiers in their economy.


In many instances, the New Zealand regulator also requires products to be tested in accredited laboratories as a pre-condition for export.  Often this is part of agreements between regulators for trade access.


IANZ has also been involved in the development of a number of free trade agreements between New Zealand and other countries, where accreditation forms part of the basis of the agreement.  For some of New Zealand’s key trading partners (e.g. the European Union and China), IANZ has good knowledge of technical regulatory requirements as a result of involvement in these negotiations.


IANZ is able to advise clients on the basis of these overseas regulations, and how accreditation may be able to directly facilitate access to overseas markets.


If you have any specific issues or questions, please contact IANZ at info@ianz.govt.nz