Join the team at IANZ

The team at IANZ is made up of a wide range of professionals – from the scientists, engineers and technologists providing the assessment services and training support, to the IT, finance, marketing and administration professionals that support accreditation services.

While we all have different roles, there's one thing everyone at IANZ has in common. And that's a shared belief that we are achieving together to build a culture of quality and safety for everyone. Whatever our job titles, we see ourselves collectively as trusted protectors and curious experts, who are dedicated to protecting the health and wealth of New Zealand.

Right now, not a lot of Kiwis know who we are or what we do. But we're working to change that, because our work matters. Safeguarding our country's health, our environment and our economy requires standards - and people committed to upholding them - so New Zealand can keep on being the kind of place we all love living in.

Our Culture

So what's it like to work at IANZ? Well as we said, we're a real mix of people and expertise. A few of us are extroverts, while most are happy introverts (which is not surprising given the sectors we work with). It's a mix that works though, because you'll likely find IANZ is the friendliest, most supportive company you've ever been a part of. People here like and respect each other. We want our colleagues to succeed, because that means New Zealand wins and we'll achieve our vision of being 'Known by NZ, Trusted by NZ'.


One thing you'll notice straight away, is that everyone works different hours. Some like to start at 6am, others come in at nine and that's okay, because we're all about flexible working. It also means some of us might choose to work from home a couple of days a week. Most of us work pretty autonomously too. We organise our own workloads and enjoy the variety that comes with it.


While we are all very different, most of us like cake. And you'll see a lot of that here, as we like to celebrate - whether that's a birthday, new starter, work anniversary, or a job well done. To balance our cake intake, we have fresh fruit delivered twice a week. We also have a walking group that departs 10am daily and some very keen athletes among us that you could hook up with for a run, bike or swim. Did we mention the coffee machine is awesome?

Getting Social

Depending on where you sit on the introvert/extrovert spectrum, you might enjoy participating in some of our social events. We have a social committee who find innovative (and hopefully fun) ways to bring us all together. Last year, we celebrated Easter, had a cracking mid-year party, dressed up for Halloween, and toasted the end of year at a winery (where the Secret Santa gift swap is notorious!). You'll also find people celebrating within their teams and heading out for coffees, lunches and other team-bonding activities.

Coming together

As Team IANZ, we meet once a month to hear what's happening across the business, share stories, learn something knew or collaborate on brainstorming activities. Most of us are based in Auckland, but we do have some out-of-towners who it's great to catch up with at these meetings.

Technology & Training

One of the best things about IANZ is our technology. We have excellent tools to do our jobs and they are updated or upgraded regularly. Our IT team are a great bunch who we keep busy with all sorts of queries and requests - and no question is too dumb!

Training is also important here. We want to give our new team members the best possible start. Our accreditation assessors receive six months of comprehensive training before we let them loose on our clients, and on-going support after that from our seriously passionate training team. Other departments ensure that their new team members are inducted fully and have a buddy to go to for any questions.

moving up

Plenty of us have advanced our careers at IANZ. There are opportunities for career development - and in some cases, to develop your career internationally. Your professional development is important to us. We want to know your aspirations and work with you to achieve them.

Other perks

Our regular travellers enjoy Koru membership and work that sometimes takes them overseas. We receive free flu jabs, can take advantage of discounted health insurance and also have an amazing and fully independent counsellor who comes in every Friday and is available to chat to anyone who needs a caring and impartial ear, because our team's mental health is a priority for us.

Our Values

One of the best ways to see if you are a great fit for Team IANZ, is to see if our purpose and values resonate with you.

Trusted Protectors

Inspire, Lead, Connect

Curious Experts

Ask, Own, Act

Achieving Together

Involve, Support, Thrive

Pay Gaps Action Plan

Our mission is protecting the health and wealth of New Zealand, therefore, closing all pay gaps is a priority for IANZ.

Our commitments to Kia Toipoto:

  • Make progress towards closing gender, Māori, Pacific, and ethnic pay gaps
  • Accelerate progress for wāhine Māori, Pacific women, and women from ethnic communities
  • Create fairer workplaces for all, including disabled people and members of rainbow communities
  • Ensure bias does not influence starting salaries or pay for employees in the same or similar roles
  • Have plans to improve gender and ethnic representation in our workforce and leadership
  • Develop equitable career pathways and opportunities to progress
  • Protect against bias and discrimination in HR and remuneration policies and practices
  • Build culture competence
  • Normalise flexible working

You can read the full action plan HERE

Additional vacancies will be posted when they are available

October 22, 2021