We are delighted to announce that Phil Barnes has decided to stay on as Chief Executive.

Phil stepped temporarily into the role in March, after the retirement of Llew Richards, leading IANZ through the challenges of lockdown and the transition to remote assessments. It was a testing time for IANZ as we adapted to supporting our clients and stakeholders in a new way, but as our new Chief Executive says, it also created room for innovation.

“The COVID-19 crises has given us the opportunity to take a good look at organisation, how we operate, and how we engage with our clients,” says Phil. “We’ve identified a number of areas where we can enhance our performance for the benefit of our clients, and ultimately, the New Zealand public and I’m looking forward to working through these changes over the coming year.”

“We have a committed and enormously passionate team of people at IANZ, who continue to impress me with the ideas they are bringing to the table. It’s an exciting time for us as an organisation as we evolve the way we do business to continue protecting the health and wealth of New Zealand.”

How we’re helping ‘liquid gold’ spread around the world.

Which product is one of the most attractive for fraudsters right now? Honey. Or more specifically, mānuka honey. This Kiwi “liquid gold” is so hot right now, it requires Government protection. Read More

New Zealand Accreditation Council Welcomes New Board Members

IANZ is delighted to announce the appointment of three new members to the New Zealand Accreditation Council, which operates as IANZ’s Board.

Catherine Abel-Pattinson, Nicole Anderson and Jane von Dadelszen join the Council after the recent retirement of long-serving members, John Boshier, Peter Steel and Richard Collin. The Council is an autonomous Crown entity, which means all members are appointed by the Minister of Commerce and Consumer Affairs, Kris Faafoi. The Council reports annually to Parliament through the Minister. Read More

Why is NZ’s Food Safety Regime So Important to Your family?

Like many in New Zealand, I was so happy to see the return of my favourite restaurants and cafés – after what seemed like a distant memory – as we settled into Level Two. It has been warming to see how hospitality businesses are adapting to the changes required to operate in this new environment. Read More

How is food safety critical to our economy and export reputation?

When most New Zealanders think food safety, we tend to think about the food we purchase and consume from supermarkets, takeaways, cafes and other retailers. However, as a food producing nation, food safety is also critically important to our export economy and protecting our international reputation for quality. Read More

Why is measurement so important to you and your family?

As you and your loved ones go about your day, there are laboratories all over New Zealand making sure that the equipment and instruments responsible for taking vitally important diagnostics are working as they should be. Read more

How do you continue ‘business as usual’ when the circumstances are anything but?

Sharon Thomas, IANZ Senior Operations Manager, shares her thoughts on managing a team during the COVID-19 lockdown.

“Being thrust into such extraordinary circumstances, with such potentially devastating outcomes for our population, has definitely been challenging to our operational model.” Read More

An Update our Electrical Testing, Applied Physics Testing and Metrology and Calibration Programmes

The Electrical Testing, Applied Physics Testing and Metrology and Calibration Programmes ceased recognition of Approved Signatories on 1 March 2020 and have moved to the Key Technical Personnel (KTP) model used by other ISO 17025 accreditation programmes. Read More

Team IANZ supporting Team NZ to unite against COVID-19

As New Zealander’s unite against COVID-19 to keep our country safe, IANZ is proud to continue supporting our many clients recognised by the Government as providing essential services. IANZ”s role, protecting the health and wealth of New Zealand, has also been recognised as essential in supporting these services.

This means we will continue our important work – from home, while doing as much as we possibly can to provide our services to the clients we can help and support. Our work will be done within the Government’s Level 4 restrictions.

We want to thank all of our clients who are continuing their vital work during this challenging time – many of whom are in frontline roles, supporting the wellbeing of Kiwis. We are thinking of you and appreciate the work you are doing to keep New Zealand a place we all love living in.

Kia kaha, kia maia, kia manawanui. Be strong, be brave, be steadfast.

IANZ Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

IANZ exists to protect the health and wealth of New Zealand. We are part of a carefully designed system of standards and conformance put in place by Government to protect public health, safety and the environment. Our role has never been more important than right now, as we partner with organisations all over New Zealand to ensure New Zealand can keep on being the kind of place we all enjoy living in. Read More


With almost $30 billion worth of exports relying on IANZ accreditation each year, the assurance the organisation offers is vital to the New Zealand economy. Read More

Supporting the health and wellbeing of New Zealanders through standards and accreditation.

IANZ, JAS-ANZ, MBIE and Standards New Zealand are delighted to invite you to a Standards and Accreditation Seminar for Health and Disability Sector agencies. Read More

Conformity Assessment Forum 2019: Modern technology and skills for conformity assessments

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment invites you to the 2019 Conformity Assessment Forum in Auckland. Read More

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