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Inspection is an essential part of ensuring the operational safety of many items that the public use in their daily lives. Safety of food is a prime example, as are cranes, boilers and pressure vessels used in the workplace. The competency of inspection services employed by central and local government and other organisations to ensure regulatory requirements are being met in critical areas is assured by IANZ accreditation.

Inspection is the examination of a product design, product, service, process or plant; and determining their conformity with specific requirements. Many types of inspection also involve professional judgement for conformance against standards and general requirements. In all cases, the inspection body must demonstrate that it has the necessary competence to perform the task to achieve IANZ accreditation.

There is a close relationship between inspection, testing and measurement. Inspection involves examinations by qualified personnel using techniques including:

* Visual examination

* Visual comparison with standards (e.g. colour matching)

* Dimensional checks

* Examination using gauges and instruments.

A Fee Schedule can be found under the Forms section on this page.

Scopes of Accreditation

The scope of accreditation of an accredited inspection body is, in general, classified according to the general type(s) of inspection carried out, then further defined by the specific item, process or service being inspected. The following is a list of sectors that IANZ currently provides accreditation in, but is not exclusive. Please contact IANZ if you wish to enquire about developing a new accreditation scheme in other sectors.

* Fire protection

* Engineering safety

* Non-destructive testing

* Welder qualification inspection activities

* Vehicle inspection

* Asbestos surveys and inspection

* Methamphetamine contamination inspection

* Inspections in accordance with the Food Act

* Drinking water supply inspection

* Hazardous substances compliance inspection

* Electrical equipment in hazardous environments inspection

* Inspections in accordance with the Animal Products Act (Live Animals, RMP, FDA)

* Inspections in accordance with the Wine Act.

Accreditation Criteria


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