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Programme Overview

Programme scope of application

Medical laboratory services are essential to patient care and must be able to meet the needs of all patients and the clinical staff responsible for the care of patients. Such care includes:

* Requests for examinations

* Patient preparation

* Patient identification

* Collection of samples

* Validation, interpretation and reporting of examination results

IANZ accreditation in Medical Testing is applicable to all laboratories providing human medical examinations, including community laboratories and those in the public hospital system. Most medical testing laboratories in the private sector and in hospitals around the country are accredited by IANZ, giving assurance that tests essential for human health are carried out accurately and competently.

A Fee Schedule can be found under the Forms section on this page.

Scopes of Accreditation

The scopes of accreditation for medical laboratories are, in general, classified according to disciplines of pathology (the Classes of Test), then further defined by the specific tests or types of test and/or the techniques used. These general classes include:

* Antenatal Screening

* Biochemistry

* Cytology

* Endocrinology

* Fertility Studies

* Genetics

* Haematology

* Histocompatibility/Immunogenetics

* Histology

* Immunology

* Microbiology

* Molecular Pathology

* Mortuary

* Newborn Screening

* Patient Services

* Point-of-care Testing

* Serology

* Specimen Services

* Transfusion Medicine

* Virology

* Workplace Drug Testing

A full list of the current Classes of Test is included in the IANZ publication Specific Criteria for Accreditation – Medical Testing.

Accreditation Criteria


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