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Calibration of measuring instruments is of fundamental importance in all measurements made in industry, commerce and society, and provides the underlying core for the IANZ accreditation of testing laboratories and most other conformity assessment bodies. IANZ accreditation in the field of Metrology and Calibration covers all forms of engineering metrology and all types of calibration of measurement instruments – generally of physical properties and including electrical, dimensional, pressure, temperature, mass, humidity, light, and time and frequency measurement.

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Scopes of Accreditation

The scope of accreditation of an accredited metrology and calibration laboratory is classified according to the measurement characteristic (the measurand) or instrument being subject to calibration (the Class of Test), and will include the laboratory’s calibration and measurement capability (CMC). The CMC will generally be expressed in terms of the measure and, the calibration or measurement procedure, the measurement range and measurement uncertainty. Commonly accredited Classes of Test include:

* Engineering dimensional metrology

* Mass and balances

* Volumetric measurement and density

* Humidity

* Pressure and vacuum

* Force and torque

* Temperature

* Optical properties

* Acoustic equipment

* Electrical properties calibration

* Communications equipment

A full list of the current Classes of Test is included in the IANZ publication Specific Criteria for Accreditation – Metrology and Calibration. Laboratories seeking IANZ accreditation under the Metrology and Calibration programme should not consider this list exhaustive, nor feel constrained by it. This Class of Test structure used by IANZ is an arbitrary classification system used for convenience and can be added to as the situation demands.

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