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Programme Overview

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The IANZ MPI Recognised Laboratory Programme (RLP) is a specific industry sector scheme operated for the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI).

Testing laboratories seeking to be a Recognised Agency under the Animal Products Act 1999 (the Act) must be accredited by IANZ as meeting the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025 General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories before seeking recognition from MPI. Testing that is required to be done by a recognised laboratory is listed in documents issued under the Act. These tests may be done to meet both domestic and export requirements.

Laboratories seeking accreditation under the RLP, and subsequent recognition by MPI, must therefore comply with the Animal Products Regulations 2021 and Animal Products Notice: Recognised Laboratories, in addition to ISO/IEC 17025. Recognised laboratories, each with a specified list of tests, are recorded in the NZ Food Safety public register listed on the MPI website.

A Fee Schedule can be found under the Forms section on this page.

Scopes of Accreditation

The scopes of accreditation under the MPI RLP are restricted to:

1. Laboratories that test any products that fall under the Animal Products Act for purposes of export testing;

2. Tests or determinants which are detailed in the MPI Consolidated List of Tests for Animal Products, and in accordance with the approved methodology specified in the list.

Testing for any other purpose is outside the scope of this programme and accreditation for such testing can be sought under the IANZ Chemical Testing and/or Biological Testing programmes.

Accreditation Criteria

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Anne Hofstra

Senior Operations Manager - 17025 Sector Programmes

Maya Bryant

Programme Manager

Michael Vercoe

Programme Specialist

David Anderson

Accreditation Assessor

Isaac Harvey

Accreditation Assessor

Ian Laban

Accreditation Assessor

Stephen Robson

Accreditation Assessor

Nicola Scholes

Accreditation Assessor

Jessica Spray

Accreditation Assessor

Sheena Townley

Accreditation Assessor

Robert Williams

Accreditation Assessor

Jade Zhang

Accreditation Assessor