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Jun 2024

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Programme Overview

Programme scope of application

IANZ accreditation in the field of Wool Testing is granted to testing laboratories conducting tests for the certification of wool in New Zealand. The criteria for the accreditation by IANZ of wool testing laboratories have been developed in conjunction with the National Council of New Zealand Wool Interests.

A Fee Schedule can be found under the Forms section on this page.

Scopes of Accreditation

The scope of accreditation of an accredited wool testing laboratory is classified according to the specific tests conducted and the test method or technique used, and include:

* Sampling

* Conditioning

* Fibre diameter

* Colour

* Length and strength

* Other tests and certification.

A full list of the current Classes of Test is included in the IANZ publication Specific Criteria for Accreditation – Wool Testing.

Accreditation Criteria


Anne Hofstra

Senior Operations Manager - 17025 Sector Programmes

Michael Vercoe

Programme Specialist