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Combined ILAC MRA Mark

Combined ILAC MRA Mark

IANZ is a full member signatory to the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC) Mutual Recognition Arrangement (MRA). As such, IANZ and its accredited organisations are permitted to use the ILAC MRA Mark in combination with the IANZ accreditation symbol(s) to promote the international recognition and acceptance of conformity assessment results from IANZ accredited organisations.

 The Combined ILAC MRA Mark is the ILAC MRA Mark used in combination with the applicable IANZ accreditation symbol. The ILAC MRA Mark itself is a registered mark and owned by ILAC; it can only be used by accredited organisations in combination with the IANZ accreditation symbol(s). 

The Combined ILAC MRA Mark is available to accredited organisations in the following IANZ accreditation programmes:

  • Testing Laboratories (all fields)
  • Metrology & Calibration Laboratories
  • Inspection Bodies
  • Proficiency Testing Providers
  • Reference Material Producers 

Approval from IANZ is required to use the combined mark, using the application form below. This includes a declaration that the applicant organisation will abide by the rules therein. On receipt of an application, IANZ will verify the applicant is eligible and send them the graphics package.  

Due to international trademark treaties, the combined mark is not available to accredited organisations in the Pacific Islands. 

For further information regarding the rules and requirements for the use of the Combined ILAC MRA Mark, see ILAC-R7:05/2015 – Rules for the Use of the ILAC MRA Mark below.

Application Form