Suspensions and Withdrawals

Accreditations in Suspension or Withdrawn

All currently accredited organisations, along with the full scope of their accreditation, can be found in the IANZ Directory.

From time-to-time, an accredited organisation may temporarily be unable to meet all the criteria for accreditation (often through no fault of their own) and their accreditation is suspended. During a period of suspension, they no longer appear in the IANZ Directory.

Likewise,an organisation’s accreditation may be permanently withdrawn, typically as a result of closures, amalgamations, etc. of the organisation itself. Once withdrawn,they no longer appear in the IANZ Directory.

Below is a list, up-dated approximately every 2 – 3 months, of accreditations currently in suspension and those that have withdrawn in the previous 12 months.

Suspended and Withdrawn Accreditations